Stainless Steel Kitchens

Many people are currently adding a modern feel to their homes and nothing says this more than with a stainless steel kitchen. Up until recently, stainless steel in a kitchen was generally used commercially because of its perfectly flat surface and is easy to keep clean. Now people are taking stainless steel into their home, usually to combine with other materials such as wood cabinet doors.

Although stainless steel kitchen surfaces tend to scratch easily, this worn, restaurant kitchen look attracts many people. Of course, like any other surface, you need to use chopping boards when preparing food to prevent the steel from scratching up. The beauty of stainless steel, as the name hints at, it is very easy to keep clean. A few tips on keeping the kitchen looking sparkling new are:

To keep your stainless steel hob or cooker clean, first go over it with your normal cleaning product, then go over it with some baby oil and cotton wool. You will be amazed at how this gets rid of any smears.

To keep your stainless steel sink in immaculate condition, put some bicarbonate soda around the sink and your taps. With a scourer, lightly rub around the whole surface area and then with a damp cloth and warm water, go over the surface to reveal a completely clean look. Then, to get an extra shiny look, pour some table salt into the sink, gently rub around the surface then rinse away with boiling water and you will notice a really improvement.

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